It’s early but exciting days for Wye Design. Here is my portfolio including a few sites I have created for different clients recently.

Keep it simple

I prefer clean, simple layouts. Especially when there is a lot of regularly updated information it’s important to keep it well organised and accessible.

Keep it fresh

It’s also vital to keep your site fresh and constantly improving, so that you maximise your initial investment of both time and money. Check my support page for more information on the different levels of support.

31 Broad Street
31 Broad Street is an ambitious and innovative project to completely re-imagine the use of the 31 Broad Street Library, Museum and Art Gallery in Hereford for the 21st century. The website aims to build public awareness and support as the project moves towards presenting a business plan to the Council in 2018.
Advocate Music
Dan Hattersley from Hereford is currently studying Music Production in Southampton. He wanted a new site specifically for his Advocate 'label' and wanted it to be very simple and based on the black and white of his logo. Dan wanted to be able to add blog posts and edit text himself, and the site also promotes his various social media feeds. Dan also happens to be my son!
Green Herefordshire
The two Herefordshire Green parties wanted a new, combined all-Herefordshire site to replace a very outdated site for North Herefordshire, and a more up to date but limited Weebly site for the South. The result is a lively and news-focussed site reflecting increased growth in their local activity and campaigning. I've worked hard to organise the various categories of news, modelling this to some extent on the approach ofThe Guardian.
Joint Action for Herefordshire Libraries
Joint Action for Herefordshire Libraries (JAHL) is an independent action group representing Herefordshire libraries and supported by Herefordshire Council. They needed a new site set up quickly to communicate their message and build support across the county.
St James and Bartonsham Car Club
St James and Bartonsham Car Club is a group of local residents who share a pool of cars to save money and reduce congestion. They needed a new site to both promote the group to new members and to provide news and updates. It matches the logo found on the cars and aims to be clean and simple, but also introduces the magical world of social media to the group's promotional activities.
Charles Grimes
Based in Herefordshire but working around the UK, Charles Grimes work with clients to help teams understand each other so that they can work better together. They needed a brand new site which communicated clearly the benefits of what they do, and the wide range of clients they work with. I am also working with them to keep the site updated with relevant and useful information.
Hereford River Carnival
Hereford River Carnival is a fabulous celebration of the Wye, voted the UK's favourite river in a poll conducted by the Our Rivers campaign. Hereford is the only city on the River Wye – the fifth-longest river in the UK, stretching some 215 kilometres (134 miles) from source to sea. It is the only river in Europe to be designated a site of special scientific interest (SSSI) for its entire length.

The committee required a new, more easily accessible and vibrant website to aid planning, engage the public, and promote the event in the run up to 28th and 29th April 2017. We are pleased not only to design but to update the site on a daily basis, and have integrated various social media feeds and an e-mail newsletter.
Bleddfa Centre
The Bleddfa Centre is a place of retreat and refreshment and hosts a variety of events from storytelling through to meditation and much more. They already had a website, but we worked with them to tidy and update it and implement a more consistent navigation and design.