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Charles Grimes

The first few sites I created this year were newsy with a focus on blog posts, social media feeds and the like. Charles Grimes – a consultancy helping teams to work more effectively together – was more of a dynamic online brochure. They wanted a more pictorial background, information about the benefits of their consultancy and training, and an emphasis on the wide range of clients they serve. The result is a very different feel to the other sites I have done so far. Take a look!

Get your site regularly updated

An out of date website is worse than none at all, so I’m delighted at the interest in my ongoing web management service.

This means that for a small monthly fee I handle regular updates and can also manage social media posts and e-mail newsletters like this one.

Several clients have told me they really like this service because it gets them a far more effective site with much less hassle.

Hereford River Carnival

Wye Design have created a new website for the fabulous Hereford River Carnival.

Hereford River Carnival is a fabulous celebration of the Wye, voted the UK’s favourite river in a poll conducted by the Our Rivers campaign. Hereford is the only city on the River Wye – the fifth-longest river in the UK, stretching some 215 kilometres (134 miles) from source to sea. It is the only river in Europe to be designated a site of special scientific interest (SSSI) for its entire length.

Over 12,000 people joined in the festivities in 2016 and so many people from across the community got involved and had such a great time that Visit Herefordshire awarded the Carnival the coveted Best Community Festival Award for 2016.</p>

The Carnival is on Friday 28th and Saturday 29th April in 2017. The committee required a new, more easily accessible and vibrant website to aid planning, engage the public, and promote the event in the run up.

We are pleased not only to design but to update the site on a daily basis and have integrated various social media feeds and an e-mail newsletter.

60% of small businesses still don’t have a website

Around 60% of small UK businesses still don’t have websites. This is the result of a survey by RedShift Research for internet hosting company GoDaddy.

Being on the web is crucial

As those finding the the thinnest Yellow Pages on their doormats this week will realise, not being on the web means you are losing customers.

A third of businesses surveyed felt that the costs would be too high. Others planned a site but so far hadn’t had time to sort one out.

Help is at hand!

A simple Wye Design site can cost as little as £300, and with one of our support packages we will keep it up to day for you too.

Get in touch for a free no obligation chat about your business and how a website might help.


My latest creation is a site for Dan Hattersley, a talented young music producer from Hereford who also happens to be my son!

Dan wanted a very simple but effective site to act as a central point of contact as he develops his links in the industry. It matches the clear black and white of his logo and branding, and features links to SoundCloud and other publishing outlets.

Dan started producing in Hereford, studying Music at Hereford College of Arts, He is now studying Music Production at Southampton Solent University.

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2017

It’s early but exciting days here at Wye Design in the run up to Christmas. I’ve had fun creating my first three new websites for St James Car Club, Green Herefordshire and Advocate Music, with several more in the pipeline for January. Meeting lots of small local businesses at several Christmas fairs and markets here in Hereford has also been great.

Making websites really work for clients

I’m aiming to provide a bespoke website service for those sole traders, artists and craftspeople, small businesses, charities and schools who find it hard to manage their own web presence. They value working with an individual they know and trust to do a good job. They also recognise that today, an out of date site can be worse than none at all, so a key aspect of my offer is ongoing support and maintenance. I’ll be posting further details about this, and the criteria for an effective site, over the coming months in my blog.


Head along to my portfolio, or follow me on Pinterest, to see sites as they are developed.

Free review of your current site

I’m also offering a free review of existing websites, looking at a range of criteria to see how effective they are and suggesting ways they could be improved. They don’t all cost money!

Let’s talk

Or just get in touch for a friendly, no-obligation chat about how a new or updated website, social media training and more could help you meet your goals in 2017.

Etsy-ing Hereford Means Business

Hereford was buzzing on Saturday with Christmas Fairs (and concerts at the Cathedral!). It was great to talk about websites with lots of local traders.

Hereford Means Business

First I popped in to the Town Hall where proactive Hereford Means Business were holding a Christmas fair. Great ideas for gifts from a wide range of bespoke art and craft traders.


Later on it was encouraging to see De Koffie Pot at Hereford’s Left Bank positively heaving with shoppers. They were supporting more local and small-scale bespoke craftspeople including artists, photographers, and bespoke homeware-makers. The event was held by the Etsy network of vintage and hand-made goods.

Make a website work for you

Small businesses such as these are understandably nervous of investing time and money in an online presence, which is why they sometimes make do with a directory listing only. Often a website is set up with great enthusiasm, only for it to stay unchanged for years. It can look worse than not having one at all. But for a whole generation, the web is the first place they look, so not having a site, or having a site no-one can find, means failing to reach people who are looking for what you do.

Keep it fresh

That’s why at Wye Design we offer not only great design, but a bespoke ongoing maintenance and support package aimed at small and independent traders.


St James Car Club

I’ve just completed a new site for my local car club, here in St James and Bartonsham, Hereford. The Club has a fleet of four cars which are shared between its members who pay a small annual fee and then charges per use after that. It all works very well – we use it instead of having a second car. It’s convenient, reduces congestion locally, cheaper, and makes you think more carefully about whether you really need a car for that journey or not. And now it’s got a website and social media streams which I hope communicates what it does more effectively.

It’s also pretty sociable – the photo is from our summer picnic where ironically we left the cars at home! Do have a look – – and test the contact form if you want to find out more!

Something new

I’m starting something new. After a career in education, I’m starting my own graphic and web design agency, working from my home office in Hereford.

Since learning to use Macs at Uni in Cheltenham in the 90s, I’ve enjoyed producing newsletters, posters, ads and more for a range of professional and community projects.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve worked in schools as a classroom teacher and school leader, for the private sector, for a charity and a not-for-profit, and for a large public sector organisation. I’m hoping that my experience of different workplaces means I have a good grasp on what clients need from all these types of organisation.

Do get in touch if you would like to discuss your web and graphic design needs.

Wye Blog

Welcome to Wye Design and my blog.

I’ll be blogging here about the projects and clients I’m working with, developments in web design, and other stuff of interest around Hereford and the Wye Valley.

Hope you enjoy it.